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This article is about the things we do after the job is done.

The landscape is done, the lawn is mowed and the yard is great. You have completed your project and now it’s time to protect your investment. Keep reading and you will find out how to avoid some of the most common mistakes that could kill your plants.

Avoid some of the most common mistakesDo not overwater.
Every landscape professional wannabe makes this mistake at least once. It can encourage your plants to grow, but it will also stimulate the growth of weeds and make healthy plants more susceptible to diseases. Pay attention to the amount of water you put on each plant. Keep an eye out for runoff, it’s a sign of too much water. Needless to say, watering after a rain is totally pointless, but we’ll say it just to be on the safe side – pay attention to the weather forecast and don’t overwater.

Don’t prune too often.
That is to say, don’t do any unnecessary trimming and clipping of plants. Although regular pruning is healthy for most plants, doing it too often can weaken them. Trimming often leaves the plant susceptible to snapping, insects and disease. It can also prevent future buds from developing. A good landscaping contractor never removes more than 30 percent of the leaves and branches of a shrub or plant at once, and we advise you to follow that example

Be careful with the pesticides.
Not every bug in your garden is a pest, although it’s easy to get confused. Some insects are actually good for your plants and some even protect your plants. Avoid showering your garden with pesticides. If needed, use small amounts in localized areas. Needless to say, if you don’t feel confident in your knowledge, you can always ask your landscaping contractor.

Having knowledge and understanding the mistakes you can make is beneficial, but you have to make an effort to avoid them. If the job seems too much for you, don’t hesitate to ask a landscaper for help.

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