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Tree Service

Becker Tree Services LLC has been a leading tree removal & trimming service provider in Bloomington IL for over 19 years.

We have a great reputation and our workmanship is well known all over the region. Becker Tree Services LLC stands as the benchmark for perfection in all aspects of tree services and still remains unchallenged. The secret of our success is in our dedication and passion for serving others and placing customers above anything else. Such values have taken us far above our competitors and have given us the loyal support and trust of the community.

One of our pros is cutting a treeKnowing the requirements for a successful tree trimming is very important, especially if you don’t want to affect the health and structure of your trees. If you cut too close, you are risking affecting the structural solidarity of the tree. If you cut improperly, the tree may become infested by pests and organisms. In other words, tree trimming should be performed ONLY by a professional, not to mention if you don’t have the proper tools you are risking harming yourself. For those who can’t handle it by themselves, Becker Tree Services LLC is here to help. We have everything that is needed for the job.

Becker Tree Services LLC recommends the removal of sick and leaning trees.

From trimming to complete tree removal, we strive to gratify all customers. Our staff are fully licensed, insured, well-trained and experienced. By hiring Becker Tree Services LLC, you will get the best landscaping, tree removal & trimming crew available in our region, but that’s not all! Our prices are still unbeaten by any of our competitors locally. Our friendly and helpful customer service team is available from Monday to Saturday to answer your inquiries or to book a schedule for your project.

For the finest trimming or removal services in Bloomington IL, call Becker Tree Services LLC today at (309) 723-6352.